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Professional Financial Planning You Can Afford

While working in the Financial Planning field I observed that there are two barriers that keep people from getting the professional financial planning they need: fear and cost.

I started this practice to help people overcome these obstacles.

Many people are intimidated by financial planning, they may have a prior bad experience, be going through some kind of life transition, or just not want to be taken advantage of. By operating in a non-judgmental and professional manner I hope to break down this barrier of fear. For this reason, I don’t have a minimum client size, or have any hidden fees. What is important is not where you are in life, only where you want to go.

The second barrier can be cost. Many financial planning firms rent expensive offices, hire lots of staff, and spend on lots on equipment. These things are nice, but have nothing to do with professional financial planning. By forgoing these trappings I offer my services at fees that are normally available to clients with lots of money to invest.

My purpose is to offer professional financial planning that you can afford.